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April 11, 2013


Service Manager 2012 SP1 CU2 Install Error

I ran into an issue when attempting to install CU2 for Service Manager 2012 SP1.  I wanted to share the error and solution in case anyone else came across the problem.  In my scenario, I was able to successfully update all Console, my Data Warehouse Management Server, and my Self-Service Portal servers, without issue.  However, on my Primary Management server the update failed and provided the following error:

An error occurred while executing custom action: “_Installhealthserviceperfcountersforpatching”

The setup logs contained the following:

The setup logs contains:

InstallCounters: LoadPerfCounterTextStrings() failed . Error Code: 0x80070002. momv3 “C:\Program Files\Microsoft System Center\Service Manager 2010\MOMConnectorCounters.ini” InstallPerfCountersHelper: pcCounterInstaller->InstallCounters() for the default counters failed. Error Code: 0x80070002. MOMConnector InstallPerfCountersLib: InstallHealthServicePerfCounters() failed . Error Code: 0x80070002. InstallPerfCountersLib: Retry Count : . InstallHSPerfCounters: Failed to install agent perf counters. Error Code: 0x80070002.

Note: The path states Service Manager 2010 because this was an upgrade from 2010 in the past.

I found in my troubleshooting that the MOMConnector.ini file did indeed exist.  I then found that the following registry key was missing: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\MOMConnector.  To resolve the issue, I simply exported this key from my Data Warehouse Management server and imported into my Primary Management Server.  Once this was done, I was able to re-run setup and successfully install the CU.

One other note, I found that if CU fails at this point, all workflows in service manager cease to process.  As soon as the CU install completed successfully the workflows processes resumed.


I have included an image showing the values of this key, in case you need to re-create it manually.  Under MOMConnector, there is a sub key, called Performance, it contains all required values.



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  1. Chris
    Apr 25 2013

    I’m having errors updating CU2 for SP1 on both my SM and DW servers. I was linked to this page from the TechNet forums.

    The MOMConnector key doesn’t not exist for me on either server. I thought about manually creating the keys from scratch but I’m concerned that the hexadecimal settings might be different for your environment. Furthermore, I don’t have a file called MOMConnectorPerformance.dll anywhere in the Service Manager install directory so I’m not sure about that Library key.

    I stopped there. Thoughts?


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