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May 1, 2012

Software Update Migration Issues (ConfigMgr 07 to 2012)

During the migration process from Configuration Manager 2007 R3 to Configuration Manager 2012 RTM, we ran into an issue where Deployed Software Updates would not detect as applicable on client machines.  I didn’t find much about this issue on the web, so I thought I would blog about it.

We used the Migration tool built into ConfigMgr 2012 to migrate our Update List (from 2007) into Update Groups (2012).  On the surface it appeared that this worked as it should; the updates appeared in the console as part of the group, we could create deployments, run reports, etc.  However, when testing the actual Deployments on clients we started running into issues.  The logs didn’t have much information in them outside of the lines where it logged that it didn’t think that the updates were applicable to the client (and we know they should be in this case).  Also, when running Compliance reports in ConfigMgr reporting, the reports showed the updates as required for the client in question (this proved that the update compliance checks were working).

After much digging and trial and error, we found the issue was with the converted Update Groups.  Something in them, coming from 2007, made them unusable in 2012.  I couldn’t find out exactly what broke them outside of the fact that any Update List from 2007 simply did not work when deployed in 2012.  To resolve the issue, I had to expand my converted Update Groups in ConfigMgr 2012 and select all the updates and use the “Create Software Update Group” option to create a brand new Update Group for the same list of updates.  Once I had a brand new clean Software Update group, I was then able to re-create all my deployments.  Once the deployments were recieved by the clients, this time they saw all updates as applicable and marked them in Software Center as ready to install (and installs were able to complete successfully).

I wish I knew more as to “why” this happens, but hopefully it will be useful for someone else who also has issues getting deployments to work after migrating their Update Lists into Update Groups.

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