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Fixed: SNMP stops responding after policy update

It’s been a while since I’ve been truly excited about a service pack, but I definitely am when it comes to Service Pack 1 for Windows Server 2008 R2! For literally years now, I’ve watched SNMP (mis)behave erratically on our Windows servers. Originally, we used ipMonitor (before SolarWinds purchased it) and then last year, we moved up to SolarWinds Orion NPM. Love the graphs. Love the traffic stats. ‘Get really frustrated when servers just flake out and stop answering SNMP’s calls…

So, quite ironically, I finally open a case with SolarWinds…last week (a.k.a. five days before we deployed SP1 network-wide). Nothing pops out to us, so we start capturing traffic with Wireshark and Microsoft Network Monitor at various points. Then on Sunday, we push SP1, which unbeknownst to us includes the hotfix described in KB980259.

Yesterday, merely 12 hours after installing it, several servers start flagging in NPM as not responding to SNMP, and I decide to dig in the event logs, hoping to see something I might have missed before. The event below was there twice and perfectly coincided with the cessation of SNMP service. In other places it showed up once or not at all, but the failing nodes had it twice… Read moreRead more