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Task Sequence Run Command Line Step Fails after VMware Tools Installed

I recently ran into an issue when trying to use the Run Command Line step during a SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 task sequence on a VMware Virtual Machine. Read moreRead more


VMworld 2012: Impressions

It’s day two or three, depending on what you consider Sunday, here at VMworld 2012, and the feel is very different from prior years. Technicalities aside, just the venue and city set a tone that is distinct from the past. San Francisco bears a cultural appeal all of its own, and the Moscone is literally light–daylight isn’t scarce like our IT budgets, or like it is in Vegas.

In many ways, it feels like a transition year, epitomized by the transfer of reins from Paul Maritz to new CEO Pat Gelsinger. The kickoff music was a drum line embedded in the tops of the four-foot letters and numbers of “VMWORLD 2012″ on the stage, accompanied by hip-hop artists. Not that this is foreign to VMworld, but it seemed like changing energy (to me).

Technically, the focus has been on vCloud and the bigger, “software-defined” virtual datacenter. I enjoyed the direction and forward looking nature, but the application was definitely larger organization and more abstract, especially to the little guys in the community. Single site deployments and small shops will stretch to find more than removed interest in the focal points. Perhaps, though, they will find use in larger organizations in their IT careers.

The fact that this is a “dot” year (5.1) and not a major version marking event also affects things. In 2008, vSphere 4.0 made its debut (if not RTM) which was major news. Then in 2011, 5.0 showcased, another big deal. Sessions thus far have been half recap of 5.0 with minor updates that come with 5.1. Not disappointing, but not as wildly exciting as it could be.

I’ve said a lot that could be construed as disappointment, but the reality is that I’ve already been reminded of features and updates that I need to apply in my environments. Some task items are new; others are quite old but require a fresh look at things that six years of virtualization have obscured.

The second keynote is about to begin, so I’ll sign off for now. In the words of VMworld 2008, remember, “Virtually Anything Is Possible”.


By Chris Gurley, MCSE, CCNA
Last updated: August 28, 2012


VMworld: VMware View Performance & Best Practices (EUC3163)

PCoIP server offload card for improved graphical performance & consolidation

View 5
– WAN bandwidth optimizations: ~75% reduction
– CPU optimizations: idle VMs, algorithms, libraries
– Better session resilience: session recovery during loss of network of up to 30 seconds
– PCoIP performance counters
– Provisioning: faster and more parallelism

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VMworld: vSphere PowerCLI Best Practice (VSP1883)

Speakers: Luc Dekens (Eurocontrol), Alan Renouf (VMware)

Luc – blog:
Alan – blog:

BP1: Get-View returns full copy of the server-side object
– otherwise the get- commands only return a subset of the properties

BP2: Finding Properties
– what you see is not what is there
– – can edit the .ps1xml files to change returned properties
– use Get-Member to return all of the properties
– ex. Get-VMHost | Get-Member
– complex (nested) objects
– – Select-Object -ExpandProperties
– – Get-Member in a loop
– – Format-Custom Depth

BP3: Make Your Own Properties
– use the New-VIProperty cmdlet
– adds a CodeProperty to the object
– valid until Remove-VIProperty or end of session

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VMworld: vSphere Stretched Clusters, DR & Mobility (BCO2479)

Speaker: Lee Dilworth (VMware), Chad Sakac (EMC)

– lots of confusion between disaster recovery (DR) and disaster avoidance (DA)

Part 1: Disaster Avoidance vs. Disaster Recovery

Disaster Avoidance
– you know a host will go down
– Host: vMotion
– Site: vMotion

Disaster Recovery
– unplanned host outage
– Host: VMware HA
– Site: SRM

*** More content forthcoming (to fill in the blanks) ***

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VMworld: SRM 5.0 & vSphere Replication (BCO1562)

Speakers: Lee Dilworth, Clive Wenman (VMware)

Understanding the Use Cases and Implementation Options

Prior to SRM 5, relied on array-based replication
– requires same versions of vCenter and SRM but ESX versions can vary
SRM 5 now supports vSphere Replication (in addition to array-based)
– vSphere Replication requires parity of all versions of vSphere

SRM: Site Recovery Manager
SRA: Storage Replication Adapter

SRM 5 UI allows seeing both sites from one interface

vSphere Replication offers a cost-effective choice/alternative to array-based
– does not replace array-based for the foreseeable future

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VMworld: Enhancements in vStorage VMFS 5 (VSP2376)

Speaker: Mostafa Khalil (VMware)

– VMFS3 Limitations
– VMFS5 Enhancements
– LVM Changes
– VMFS5 Changes

# Excellent presentation and deep-dive on VMFS5 and it’s benefits in vSphere 5

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VMworld: Storage vMotion Deep Dive (VSP3255)

Speaker: Min Cai, Ali Mashtizadeh (VMware)

– Basics of Storage vMotion
– Use Cases
– History of vMotion
– Architectural Overview in vSphere 5
– Snapshots & Storage vMotion
– Linked Virtual Machines
– Future Roadmap

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VMworld: vMotion in vSphere 5 Best Practices (VSP2122)

Speaker: Sreekanth Setty (VMware)

– What is vMotion?
– Memory Iterative Pre-Copy
– Enhancements in vSphere 5
– vMotion Performance
– Best Practices

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VMworld: Distributed vSwitch Best Practices (VSP2894)

Speaker: Vyenkatesh Deshpande (VMware)

– Overview of VDS
– vSphere 5 New Features
– VDS Best Practices
– VDS Myths

# Overview
– unified network virtualization management in dependent of physical fabric
– manage datacenter-wide switch vs. individual switches per host
– vMotion-aware: statistics and policies follow the VM simplifying debugging and troubleshooting

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